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Vincent Hložník —
The Apocalypse Rider I.

The apocalypse rider theme is an important or rather key motive in all of Vincent Hložník’s work. It is present in his early expressionistic works reflecting…



Coming soon:<br/> The Fetishes of Today

Coming soon:
The Fetishes of Today

A dominant female curator and a subjugated male curator created an exclusive exhibition in nine acts that serves as a (self)ironical presentation of human weaknesses and deviations...

Coming soon: <br/> Marián Žilík:<br/> „Everything Is Different“

Coming soon:
Marián Žilík:
„Everything Is Different“

Marián Žilík (1948 – 2017) was an academic painter whose work is often admired by residents and visitors of Nitra...

Juraj Rattaj — Lay-off

Juraj Rattaj — Lay-off

Juraj’s seemingly trivial dialogue about vacation time serves as a background for a broader conflict of the contemporary perception of the concept of time. New technologies that radically compress time and space..

The Dark Side of Paradise

The Dark Side of Paradise

„It will be a different kind of joy. It will be sorrow.“
– I. G., Former President of Slovakia