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Klára Bočkayová —
From the cycle: Angel’s paintings I.

Klára Bočkayová entered the art scene in the early 1970s as an author with a strong interest in the medium of painting and drawing…



[Coming soon]<br/>Stories of (After) Life

[Coming soon]
Stories of (After) Life

The composition of the exhibition project titled Stories of (After) Life is a rather “surreal curatorial automatism”...

[Comimng soon] <br/>Ema Lančaričová  — Noplace/Notime

[Comimng soon]
Ema Lančaričová — Noplace/Notime

Ema Lančaričová’s photography exhibition titled Noplace/ Notime focuses on the medium of photography from the point of view of its technological...

David Přílučík: F0—F5

David Přílučík: F0—F5

In 1956, the chief of the Border Patrol's cynology department came up with an idea to crossbreed the Carpathian wolfs with German Shepherds in order to create a resilient service dog...

Object: The New Existence

Object: The New Existence

The exhibition titled Object: The New Existence is a collective effort of seven artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States...