Exhibition Plan 2021
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24 June 2021 – 29 August 2021
Karol Felix

Curator: Ľudovít Petranský ml.

An overview of the artist’s work that focuses on his latest creative period in various media, including classic and digital printmaking, painting, drawing, stamp design, illustrations, ex libris, assemblages, sculptures, objects and installations.

30 September 2021 – 5 December 2021

Artists: Robert Bielik, Erik Binder, Klára Bočkayová, Tomáš Džadoň, Eva Filová, Ľudovít Fulla, Jan Hála, Zuzana Hečková, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová, Július Koller, Kundy Crew, Henrieta Kurčíková, Marek Kvetan, Cyprián Majerník , Martin Martinček, Svätopluk Mikyta, Jarmila Mitríková & David Demjanovič, Alex Mlynárčik, Miriam Petráňová, Karol Plicka, Anabela Sládek, Ivana Sláviková, Ivana Šáteková, Jana Želibská, Vytvorené na Slovensku – Nina Šošková and others
Curator: Barbora Geržová

From the ethnographical and historical point of view, folklore has been a part of Slovak identity since forever and it is usually associated with countryside life style, folk traditions, customs, sayings and proverbs. The Folklore exhibition, however, will not embrace these traditional notions, but it will offer a rather fresh look at folklore and folk rhetorics. The phenomenon of folklore will be explored on numerous levels. It will focus mostly on the hard coded, stereotype thinking about the world, society and the position of men and women in it. It will use demostrative, provocative, but also humorous reflections incorporating a wide range of media types. On the other hand, our society is starting to talk about a so-called new folklore, which is usually viewed rather positively and reflects our return to nature, the countryside, simplicity, close contact with other people and a more human “touch” which is in contrast with the impersonal and busy urban lifestyle. The need for a change is apparent not just in fine art and visual culture, but also in literature, music and design.

16 December 2021 – 27 February 2022
Does This Thing Have a Purpose?!

Artist: Miloš Kopták
Literary Cooperation: Peter Uličný
Curator: Omar Mirza

Imagine the gallery as an apartment no one has lived in for years. There are modern relics in the bedroom, unexpected fetishes in the living room, Nitra Venuses in the bathroom, non-existent memories in the utility room and fresh pickles in the pantry. It is a work of an alchemist whose aggressive egoism destroyed love, recycled the past and created a personal, barbaric aesthetic of the future. There are stories emerging from the magical swirl of ambiguity, giving us questions to our guaranteed answers. Everything to fight the pointlessness of imitation. And what is the purpose? Is there one?

The plan may be subject to change.