Exhibition Plan 2020

Representative Halls

28 April – 23 August 2020
Exhibition postponed until 2021!

Artists: Miroir Noir (Miloš Kopták & Rai Escalé)
Guests: Otis Laubert, Marko Blažo, Cornelius Coffin, Riot Über Alles
Curator: Omar Mirza
The exhibition will present a lesser known art movement which until now did not get enough space in art theory and exhibition practice. Cecilism is named after Cecilia Giménez who became world-famous in 2012 when she tried to restore a fresco depicting Jesus Christ in a church in Borja, Spain. The main idea of Cecilism is adjustment, correction and improvement of old masterpieces without damaging or devaluating them. The exhibition will showcase selected works of Cecilism by the artistic duo Miroir Noir and other guest cecilists from Slovakia and Spain.

17 September – 29 November 2020
Robert Bielik

Curator: Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková
The exhibition will present the painter, writer and traveller Robert Bielik (1963) at his first larger exhibition at the Nitra Gallery’s Representative Halls. His painting language utilises references to postmodernism and hyperrealism with a strong focus on portraits. His wide artistic range made him into a fascinating artist who keeps himself outside of the main art scene, but remains its inseparable (inconspicuous) part which he keeps feeding with vivid expressions of historical paintings.

10 December 2020 – 28 February 2021
Into the Nature of a Gallery

Curator: Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková
Exhibiting Artists: Peter Bartoš, Martin Benka, Petra Čížková, Štefan Belohradský, Oto Hudec, Michal Kern, Štefan Papčo, Adam Šakový, Ester Šabíková, Juraj Meliš, Ľubo Mikle, Ján Zelinka, Ján Kekeli, Jozef Hanula, Boris Sirka, Irena Blühová, Karel Plicka, Martin Martinček, Orest Dubay, Richard Kašický, Ernest Zmeták, Ľudovít Čordák, Dušan Mravec (the list is not final)
Man is often attracted to nature, to its independence of him… We are naive to think that spending time in nature turns us into better people – and spending time in galleries is good for our humaneness score. Nature makes us feel free and anxious at the same time. Spending time in nature helps us escape our civilised reality and find ourselves. The calmness of nature makes us realise that leading a happy life is not about money and things that are supposed replace the feeling of happiness. The calmness of the gallery makes us realise that art, besides nature and emotions, is the only thing that is bigger than us… The exhibition project titled Into the Nature of the Gallery? is a (post/humane) reflection upon the nature, status and perception of the individual (artist). Nitra Gallery’s visitor will be confronted with traces (metaphors) of nature transferred into the gallery in the form of artistic artefacts. Into the Nature of the Gallery? is a subtle, romantic, but also critical project. It is about our connection to nature, but also about our untethering from (destroying) it and its protective grasp.