Exhibitions Plan 2021 – Bunker


2 July — 31 August 2021
Čierťaž / Blackline

Artists: Students of the Department of Creative Arts and Art Education, CPU Nitra
Curator: Martin Kratochvil

The Slovak word “čierťaž” used to describe a type of a “border or borderline”. Historical toponymic records show it was also used to define “clearcutting” or “chopped-down lines of forests”. Slovak dictionary records show other meanings of the word as well, like “outline” (peak outlines, mountain range outlines), or “evil” (it outlined the road to evil, etc) relating to folk etymology as the core word “čert” means devil in Slovak language.
The exhibition concept assigns the word “čierťaž” to the current social mood which is also characterised using other words like border, distance, detachment, perimeter, but also protection, separation, quarantine. Some characteristics of today’s state of society use various terms like heavy or dark when describing the current social status. We could also refer to other parallels from our history like the Dark Ages, plague epidemics or the situation in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Reflecting upon the various levels of these meanings and their current form in today’s society will the research subject of the students of the Department of Creative Arts and Art Education at CPU in Nitra.