Exhibitions Plan 2020 – Bunker


20 February – 8 March 2020

Artists: Students of the DCAAE CPU Nitra
Curator: Martin Kratochvil
The beginning of the year is as usual dedicated to an exhibition by the students of the Depart-ment of Creative Arts and Art Education at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. This time, they will focus on creating site-specific works for the Bunker space with the theme THE NET.

25 June – 13 September 2020

Artists: Lucia Dovičáková, Erik Sikora, Martin Šútovec, Martin Kochan, Stano Masár, Miro Trubač, Cyril Blažo
Curator: Adrián Kobetič
Seven artists of young and middle generations will present their views of irony in contemporary art. Irony will be presented as a tool for humour, communication and offence and explored in different artistic media – drawing, installations, photography, small sculpture and video. The project will also cover irony in the context of mass media culture.

17 September – 25 October 2020
Hidden and Safe

Artists: TBA
Curator: Adrián Kobetič
The goal of the project is to document the way artists incorporate the concept of a bunker or a shelter. It explores various artistic attempts to hide from the rest of the world which often some-times conceals what happens before the actual creative process. The project will be joined by students of various art universities and its final output will be the actual exhibition of their se-lected works.

5 November – 13 December 2020
Eeny Meeny!

Artists: TBA
Curator: Adrián Kobetič
This group exhibition is inspired by M. J. Aldridge’s book Eeny Meeny – its main theme is based on the “kill or be killed” dilemma. This idea is more or less present in one form or another in many conflicts that trouble today’s society. Aggression is often induced when we feel threat-ened, either physiologically or when we are under pressure from the society.

8 October – 29 November 2020
Cave of Being

Artist: Jozef Pilát
Curator: Dominika Chrzanová
The exhibition project explores our view on the way we communicate today which often in-cludes messaging. Written text is commonly replaced with GIFs or emoticons. It could be catego-rised as a coded sign language, very similar to the one prehistoric people used before writing was invented. The project talks about the evolution and history of mankind, the evolution of our perception, communication and instincts.
– The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.

10 December 2020 – 7 February 2021
I Believe in What We Have

Artist: Maud Kotasová
Curator: Martina Ivičič
The exhibition project of the Czech artist Maud Kotasová presents a site-specific installation made of objet trouvé found in an abandoned mine in Romania. The artist embroiders state-ments in the metallic objects she found on her nomadic trips. While travelling, she creates and documents her latent temporary performances. The fact that she moves the artefacts, combined with her embroidery, relativises the constructs and deliberations on the perception of time and memory.
– The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.