Exhibitions Plan 2018 – The Salon


22 March – 22 April 2018
Detected Landscape
Artist: Petra Mešša
Curator: Miroslava Urbanová
In her solo exhibition Detected Landscape, a graduate of painting from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava Petra Mešša (née Vojteková) presents her latest works. She continues to develop her authorial program focused on the topic of the landscape and landscape painting. Mešša is interested in the so-called banal landscape, which she treats in various media – of oil painting, photography and video installation. She accentuates multisensory experience of landscape touched by the invisible human hand, which goes beyond the perspective and horizons of its traditional representation.

3 May – 17 June 2018
A Sync at the Psychiatrist *
Artists: David Cajthaml (CZ), Buddy Ungrad (CZ)
Curator: Nina Jassingerová
The project’s goal is to present the results of three synchronised events that happened over a period of a year (2016/2017) and collided and blended within the virtual space of Facebook. It is a merger of an artistic and poetic creation – David Cajthaml and his almost daily published drawings and aquarelles united under the title At the Psychiatrist, a poetic creation – Buddy Ungrad and his alternative commentaries of the drawings and regularly published poems and an imminent experience – Nina Jassingerová. They were united by their need, ability and opportunity to give a shape to the dark and cruel part of life so they can use it to overcome it. To do that, the often use humour and beauty, which is not always apparent on the first sight though.

28 June – 16 September 2018
Secret (Garden)?
Artist: Alžbeta Malcová
Curator: Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková

How does it feel to loose paradise and find it again? Can you see a spirit through a key hole, or see little/big Alice in Wonderland behind the mirror (in front of the mirror)? You can see the garden through the window, but its own life is a kind of a mystery. In the opulence of the spring aroma, the dreaminess of daydreaming, the sunlight of our wounds… be willing to look for the rabbit, the hatter, even the evil queen… Daydreaming about simple things that are most beautiful… during the day… The painter Alžbeta Malcová (1983) will show us a piece of her visual world we can find or loose ourselves in.

16 October – 2 December 2018
Talking Stone (working title)
Artist: Ján Kekeli
Curator: Mária Janušová
Ján Kekeli is a young photographer whose solo exhibition in Nitra Gellery’s Salon offers a selection of his recent works. The presented pieces will focus on portraying mostly Slovak landscape and its “totemic” elements – the Tatras. The artist was born in Kežmarok and has developed a personal relationship with them. However, the objective of Kekeli’s photographs is not to document, on the contrary, he uses landscape photography to get to know himself better. Monumental views of stone walls and caves, a careful play with the mass and materiality of the portrayed object or cautiously composed “portraits” of stones are the main signs of Kekeli’s photographic style. His photographies have subjective poetics, heavy nostalgia and narrative content that make his work feel special and help win the viewer over.

13 December 2018 – 17 February 2019
Marián Žilík
Curator: Eva Kapsová
The retrospective exhibition will present the work of the late Nitra-based painter, sculptor and photographer on the occasion of his unfulfilled jubilee.

* This exhibition was selected from the projects sent to the Nitra Gallery‘s open call.

The exhibition program is subject to change!