Exhibitions Plan 2019 – The Salon


14 March – 12 May 2019

Ján Šipöcz

Artist: Ján Šipöcz
Curator: Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková

The first solo presentation of the photographer Ján Šipöcz (1983) in Nitra Gallery’s Salon will showcase his most recent works of photography. The artist is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. His is one of the founding menders of the Photoport civic association. He mostly focuses on conceptual photography where he prefers still life compositions and the documentary aspect of the photography. The subjects and objects of his photo-graphs share a common element – memories of the individual and their recollections. Contradictory, even though his work focuses on the individual, it does not focus on portrait pho-tography.

18 May 2019

Questions for Dance/FIVE

Artist: Petr Ochvat (CZ)
Sound: Petr Ochvat

Visuals: Veronika Šmírová
Curator: Zuzana Žabková

The project’s main means of expression is contemporary dance. We take what we feel and enrich it with a choreography of precisely calculated moves created by two bodies that go through a range of both physically and mentally synchronised moves. The creation will take the form of a 50-minute-long dance performance with original music/sound, scene and digital light projections.

– The event will be a part of The Nitra Gallery Week and the Night of Museums and Galleries.
– The performance has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.

6 June – 31 August 2019

The True History of the Slovaks

Artist: Ivana Šáteková
Curator: Omar Mirza

The Sloviens, Slovens, Sloväns, Slavs – all these names have been used to describe the Slovak people. We are an ancient nation whose history is much more spectacular, goes a lot deeper into the history of mankind and is a part of a much larger portion of the world than anyone can imagine. The goal of the exhibition is to use artefacts, objects, sketches, maps, restored and preserved archive records and documents in order to explore the history of the Slovaks in three chapters: ancient, middle and recent history. You will learn what the history books are deliberately quiet about…

12 September – 10 November 2019


Artist: Ľudmila Machová
Curator: Marianna Brinzová

Ľudmila Machová’s (*1990) project reflects upon “mapping” the (non)landscape, exploring limits, (not)finding a personal space and a feeling of devastation as a result of loosing our identity. The artist searches for a so-called central point (axis mundi) and the essence of ob-jects that are in close vicinity to us. The current environmental crisis focuses on the internal world where it contemplates, searches for a new identity, its roots and home. The exhibition will include paintings, experimental sound footages and videos.

The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.

28 November 2019 – 26 January 2020

Mk: New Existence

Artist: Lenka Vilhelmová (CZ), Iveta Bradáčová (CZ), Petr Brožka (CZ), Josef Lorenc (CZ), Dominika Sládková (SK), Sun Young Kang (USA), Petra Vichrová (CZ)
Curator: Zuzana Duchková (CZ)

The exhibition incorporates the theme of an internal conflict between the past, present and future and the role of the individual in the spacetime continuum. The theme offers a variety of adoption opportunities as it is presented by a number of artists from various countries, of various ages and, especially, with various creative approaches. It is mostly based on 2D and 3D art and conceptual projects using various techniques and materials, mostly installed in large images cycles.

The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.