Exhibitions plan 2020

The Youth Gallery

12 March – 3 September 2020
4 Ways of Nature

Artists: Žofia Dubová, Jozef Pilát, Katarína Bajkayová, Michal Machciník
Curator: Adrián Kobetič
The exhibition talks about four different ways of capturing nature. It moves from landscape painting to abstract installations and creates a short overview of various attitudes towards na-ture in contemporary art.

24 September – 6 December 2020

Artist: Danica Pišteková
Curator: Adrián Kobetič
Danica Pišteková is an architect whose work oscillates between textile and architecture. The main theme of her work are clothes as the smallest units of architecture, while the key element of the exhibition has become the shirt. She adjusts its cuts in various forms while creating new interpretations of its module, but also the actual gallery space.
[Translator’s note: the Slovak word “STRIH” means “CUT” in English]

18 June – 30 August 2020
Exhibition postponed until 2021!
Hunters & Gatherers

Artist: Jana Mináriková
Curator: Omar Mirza
Hunters hunt. Hunters gather – trophies. Hunters have their towers they use to observe and shoot their game. The towers are non-spaces, situated in the fields or clearings, temporary DIY architectures with peculiar exterior and mysterious interior designs. Collections of taxidermies, antlers, fangs or skins decorate hunters’ homes. The exhibition will present a series of photo-graphs documenting hunting towers all over Slovakia. It will also include a video demonstrating the process of taxidermy. There will be an actual cratch set up in the gallery, so the deer are ex-pected to visit as well.

17 September – 15 November 2020
Capsule 2.0 / Memories to My Human Days

Artists: Tomáš Kocka, Alexandra Selmeci
Curator: Erik Vilím
The exhibition consists of two individual series – Capsule (objects) and Memories to My Human Days (video) which both share the same theme. The artists’ goal is to connect text outputs with an expanded object serving as a scenographic backdrop. The Youth Gallery exposition will be a double-exhibition, consisting of two parts, titled The Stairs and The Gallery. The core theme they both share is in this case preservation.
– The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.

26 November 2020 – 31 January 2021
Sensibility of Space

Artists: Students of the Department of Printmaking and Other Media at AFAD in Bratislava
Curator: Silvia L. Čúzyová
The exhibition focuses on genuine and sensitive responses to our current and disturbing global climate crisis utilising a technology called cyanotype which is dependant on natural energy: the sunlight. Prints created in this ephemeral way are then combined into an object which gives the project a third dimension and servers as a kind of collective memorial. The team of artists con-sists of teachers and students of the Department of Printmaking and Other Media at AFAD, an external cooperator and the curator.
– The exhibition has been selected from the Nitra Gallery’s Open Call submissions.