Klaudia Kosziba — The Sweetest Summer & September

The paintings titled depict nature in different ways as they were created ten years apart...


Inventory No. O-2187, O-2188

Artist: Klaudia Kosziba
Title: The Sweetest Summer (O-2187); September (O-2188)

Year: 2017-18 (O-2187); 2008 (O-2188)
Technique: oil
Material: canvas
Dimensions: 140 x 185 cm (O-2187); 190 x 150 cm (O-2188)
Signature: Rear side, bottom left, signature and year

The paintings titled The Sweetest Summer (2017-2018) and September (2008) by Klaudia Kosziba depict nature in different ways as they were created ten years apart.

One of the specific processes Klaudia Kosziba uses is her non-stop intervention with the image, its various layers, re-paintings, different depths, different atmospheres, different moods.

The acquisition duet presents the artist (painter) as a non-figurative painter with strong ties to nature. However, this point of view is very shallow. One of the main features of Kosziba’s work is mood changing (melancholy, pathos) in her depictions (of figures and nature) which gives her works tension and moodiness of existence which is encoded directly into the canvas.

When trying to understand the messages of her paintings, we need to consider various interpretations and her own coping mechanisms that follow a certain strategy. The paintings include clues that are trying to imply there is something “under the surface” of the image, under the surface of the situation or emotion. One of her characteristic features is a detailed fragment of a (mythical, utopian) land, often enriched with a small solitary element (a tree, insect, boat, figure, leaves…). Kosziba’s rich (even natural) painting expertise is a personal introspective “zoom” into the solitude of man (and her own).

The Sweetest Summer (2017-2018) is a detailed crop of a simple (summer) tale. The piece and harmony the image emits are actually capable of causing a kind of an internal discomfort. The calming dark green in the leaves suddenly includes various exciting (disturbing) elements – butterflies (perhaps 7 red admirals?). The image emits the artist’s connection to nature. You will reach a certain point where the physical space of the image is not important anymore as you find yourself in the middle of it, in the middle of the woods, even though you are not really there – it is just the artist’s workmanship that is able to pull you inside her games and make you think about yourself (and nature).

September (2008) is a memory of summertime. The enchantment of sunflowers that have flowered and faded away is a fleeting reminder of their beauty, summertime, youth, childhood and the beauty of yellow sunflower fields. Their faded and dark colours announce the upcoming winter, stagnation, resting period, recharging, new (next) Septembers that will forever remain just a sweet and sour memory of summer and we will be just an obscure figure in the middle of the vast field (of memories).

It is best to try and understand and fully comprehend Klaudia Kosziba’s work gradually. She moves outside of mainstream painting styles, but often also outside of her own comfort zones. She keeps moving forward without losing her qualities and unique personal style.

Klaudia Kosziba (Šaľa 1971) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in painting (Ján Berger’s studio, 1990-1996). Between 1997-2009, she taught at the Department of Furniture and Interior Design at the Technical University in Zvolen. In 2001, she also started working as a special assistant at the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. Between 2002-2006, she was the head of the same department. Between 2001-2006, she undertook doctoral studies and majored in Fine Art with focus on Freeform Art at AFAD Bratislava (ArtD.). She has been the head of the Studio of Painting since 2008 when she took over after prof. J. Berger. Some of her selected exhibitions include: Ashes and Sulphur, Krokus Gallery (2018); Revision. New Subject, the Peter Michal Bohúň Gallery in Liptov, Liptovský Mikuláš (2016); Outers Limits, Gallery Orava, (2010); Fata Morgana, Gallery Limes, Komárno (2009); Woman Overboard!, Gallery of Arts, Nové Zámky (2008); Ceteris paribus, Palffy Palace, Bratislava (2007), Deep Currents, Tatra Gallery, Starý Smokovec (2006), Imitated Limits, Akcent Gallery, Nitra (2004); Reconstruction, Faculty of Arts Gallery, Košice (2003); Natura naturata, Subterra Gallery, Nitra (2002), Natura naturans, Academy of Arts Gallery, Banská Bystrica (2002), Homo mutabilis, Rubigall Cultural Centre, Banská Štiavnica (2001), Microworlds, City Gallery, Rimavská Sobota (2001); Selected group exhibitions: I Am Not Here, I Am in Arcadia, Nitra Gallery (2018); Konsisten/z/wei, XX-paint, Vienna creative-group, Vienna (2011); Bodyandoil, Central Slovakian Gallery , Banská Bystrica; (2006) Retrospective X, City Gallery, Rimavská Sobota (2006); Draught in Contemporary Slovak Painting, State Gallery, Banská Bystrica (2005); Bezve3e [note: Calm – windless conditions], Nitra Gallery (2005).

Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková
March 2020


Accessed on: March 25, 2020

The acquisition was supported by Nitra Self-governing Region in 2019.