Marek Kvetan — Flashback

Marek Kvetan is a distinctive visual artist who works with different kinds of media and incorporates analytical thinking and post-conceptual tendencies...


Inventory No.: F 151
Artist: Marek Kvetan
Title: Flashback
Year: 2015
Technique: computer hardware
Material: electrical wires, plastic, computer hardware, ready made, mirrors Dimensions: variable
Signature: none

Marek Kvetan is a distinctive visual artist who works with different kinds of media and incorporates analytical thinking and post-conceptual tendencies. The core of his work domain focuses on ready made objects and prints.

His ideas are based on the visuals of contemporary culture and its attributes. He is no stranger to kitsch, period or even decadent aesthetics. Lately, he has been concentrating on 3D objects and installations which he manipulates in order to challenge them visually, demystify them and make them his own as ready mades. The main creative principle of the artist is the elevation/challenge of the marginalised/categorised which he uses to disrupt and build upon new aesthetic standards and stereotypes. The beauty of the post-conceptual paradoxes makes Marek Kvetan’s work extremely attractive for its recipients. He deconstructs functionally in order to create a new aesthetic/visual value with an exaggerated level of absurdity.

The Flashback piece, which is a part of the Nitra Gallery’s collection, is an installation that consists of fourteen 3D objects (various kinds of rear-view mirrors taken from different car models). Rear-view mirrors are supposed to help us control our vehicles and navigate through traffic. However, if we keep focusing on the rear view, we can put ourselves as well as other members of the traffic in danger. If the rear-view mirror is a metaphor, then Flashback (along with its fourteen little mirrors in motion) means we should not keep looking “back” for too long as it can affect our present. The mirrors create a wall, offering a rear view for the viewers. The accumulated objects merge something we know (are familiar with) with new (selected, separated, fragmentised) meanings.

The artist himself considers: “Flashback a flash of reality we are trying to get a hold of, but it is located in a different, parallel act of our present (…) There is no primary image anymore, just the storyline we keep building based on our experience and memories. This is how you create your second act, a parallel image.

Kvetan’s language makes him a true contemporary artist whose work has grown beyond our local art scene and found its place among its Central European counterparts.

Marek Kvetan (14 April 1976, Bratislava), studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava under prof. J. Bartusz (1995-1999) and prof. D. Fischer (1999 – 2001) and at the Brno University of Technology at the Faculty of Fine Arts (prof. Keiko Sei). He has been awarded and participated at numerous competitions: awards NOVUM Foundation Award (Bratislava 2016), Prize NG 333 (Praha 2008), finalist of the Henkel Art Award (Vienna 2010), award Grand prix Trienale of Contemporary Printmaking (Banská Bystrica 2003), finalist of the TONAL award (Bratislava 2000). He took residencies at FUTURA (Praha 2007) and the Headlend Center for the Arts in Sausalito (USA 2000). His works are a part of various Slovak and international collections (e.g. Slovak National Gallery, the Art Gallery of Považie in Žilina, Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Central Slovakian Gallery in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava City Gallery, National Gallery (CZ), Siemens (AU), CBK (NH). He exhibits regularly both at home and abroad.

About the artist:

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