Klára Bočkayová, From the cycle: Angel’s paintings I.

Klára Bočkayová entered the art scene in the early 1970s as an author with a strong interest in the medium of painting and drawing...

O-2116 Bočkayová

no.: O 2116

No.: O 2116

Artist: Klára Bočkayová
Title: From the cycle Angelic images I.
Year of origin: 1989
Technique: pastel, acrylics
Material: canvas
Dimensions: 80 x 90 cm
Signature: unsigned

Klára Bočkayová entered the art scene in the early 1970s as an author with a strong interest in the medium of painting and drawing. Since 1974 she has begun to work with banal models borrowing from rural and urban households of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century (tablecloths, rugs, embroidery). She uses typically female craftwork as a starting point for the frottage, which is an ironic reflexion of the female position in the society, underlined by the titles of some artworks: ´Why do I need a young wife´ (1987), ´Marry me off mum´ (1987), ´Lunch is ready´ (1990).

The graphic art technique called frottage invented by Max Ernst in the 1920s is applied by Klára Bočkayová on paper, canvas or gently woven white cloth and on the ground of her own experiments is transformed into author´s technique, so called phased frottage, used for the first time in the graphite A4 drawings cycle in 1986. A term first applied by Czech poet Ludvík Kundera accurately describes the shift, which was made by the author, when she activated statically applied themes while handling the paper itself or canvas. Her artwork is characterized by the dynamic image surface that is created by multiplying overlapping anamorphous shapes of a selected detail or the entire theme of the usurped/seized model artwork.

The painting ´Angelic images´ belongs to a series of canvasses with author´s typical style originated by overprinting the embroidery of an angel through frottage. Painting, dominated by the layering and overlapping of the cherubic motifs is specific for its structure, formed while using two types of material – oil stick and acrylic painting. Character on Angel as the main iconographic theme appears in her other works, e.g. in a later cycle ´Autumn angels (I-IX)´ from 1991, or in the individual acrylic paintings with an identical name ´Great angelic painting´ (all from 1991).

Klára Bočkayová, born on May 27, 1948 in Martin, comes from Dolný Kubín. In 1963-67 she studied at the School of applied arts in Bratislava with Prof. Rudolf Fila. She continued with her studies at the Academy of Fine arts and Design, Bratislava (1967-73) in the prep course of Prof. Dezider Milly, later at the studio of Prof. Peter Matejka. Since then she was a member of the unofficial art scene and in the 1970s and 1980s held exhibitions both in private and alternative exhibition spaces, with the emphasis on the group exhibition in 1978 at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava, Smolenice). After 1989 her artworks were included in all important group exhibitions mapping the 20th century art and took part in many importatnt international projects (After Spring 1994, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Sydney, Australia – Melbourne – Cambera). In the years 1995-2005, she also taught at the School of applied Arts in Bratislava. She is a member of the Group A-R (Avance-Retard).

Barbora Geržová

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