Catalogue from the exhibition Newrope that took place
in the Representative Hallsof the Nitra Gallery
from September 22nd until November 13th, 2016.

Texts: Omar Mirza and the archive of the artists 

Graphic design: Filip Jurković

Today’s Europe faces many challenges such as the long-lasting refugee crisis, Brexit, terrorist threats, weakening economy, far-right growth and others. How do artists both from Slovakia and abroad reflect issues that relate to all of us? The aim of the international exhibition Newrope was to present fresh views on the current European issues that differ from those served to us by politicians or mass media. Artistic views tend to be more diverse in both form and content. After all, Europe is a union of diverse nations that have decided to live together. However, what will our future look like? Is there a new Europe — Newrope waiting ahead of us?

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2016, whose 25th anniversary edition’s theme was “Ode to Joy? (the past – the present – the future)”.

The Slovak-English catalogue’s image section documents works presented at the show and events that took place during the Theatre Festival. The text part informs the readers about selected works, with some created especially for the exhibition. The catalogue comes with an AUDIO CD containing a recording of a concert which was part of the New Anthem project by Oto Hudec.

Video-documentation of the show can be seen HERE

Price (catalogue + CD): 2 €
Publisher: Nitra Gallery 2016

ISBN 978-80-85746-70-9