Linda Baumgartnerová, Ivana Čerňanská, Ivana Dvoráková, Simona Jakubcová, Žofia Kopnická, Sabína Lapínová, Lenka Miháľová, Klára Szabóová, Jana Valášková, Lucia Vychopenová

Jana Mináriková, Katarína Galović Gáspár

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 6 p.m.

The exhibition runs until March 8, 2015

Bunker – Nitra Gallery
Župné námestie 3
949 01 Nitra, Slovakia
Exhibition opening:

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Student exhibition of the Department of Creative Arts and Art Education at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra


The Department of Creative Arts and Art Education is steeped in many years of tradition and history. The former Department of Art Education was established in 1960 when it emerged as a separate department from that of Art Education and Industrial Production. The department as it stands today is a part of the Faculty of Education, based at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, and specialises in the education of prospective art teachers. The graduates are also successful in other related fields with the focus on the creative arts. Studying at the Department of Creative Arts and Art Education is divided into two main areas – the theoretical and the practical. The practical disciplines are realised by means of working in studios: drawing – painting, modelling, graphics, textile, graphic design, photography, video and cross genre intermedia art.

It is in these studios of intermedia art and modelling where the exhibited art collection has been created, as a result of the winter survey conducted at the Department in January this year. The students were given the task in advance to respond to the exhibition space of the Bunker. At the exhibition, you can see their works on the topics “From the Other Side”, “Stars and Idols”, “Heroes” and “Change of Identity”.

The other, reverse side, the opposite of the official, the underground, the alternative, something I’m afraid of, something I want to hide… – those are a few terms that further explain the topic From the Other Side. The students have responded to them in different ways. Some statements are witty, even sarcastic, others are serious and meaningful. The media through which the students have expressed themselves also differ from piece to piece, due to the intermedia nature and character of the two aforementioned studios. You can see videos, installations and objects at the exhibition.

Exhibition views:

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