Ivana Šáteková

Omar Mirza

6. 6. 2019 o 18.00 hod.

7 June – 31 August 2019

Nitra Gallery’s Salon


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Exhibition opening:


The True History of the Slovak

The “truth” is not important. All that matters is our search for the true knowledge. The absolute truth will remain hidden from man forever. — Oskár Cvengrosch

The Slovak are an ancient people whose history is far more spectacular, goes a lot deeper into the past and touches many more parts of the world than many current “historians” are willing to admit. The goal of the Nitra Gallery’s exhibition titled The True History of the Slovak is to use the most recent scientific findings to illustrate selected events and parts of our history that the history books are quiet about on purpose.

The exposition is divided into three parts: “The Slavs/Slovak in History”, “Unexplained Deaths of Our Greatest” and “Behind the Scenes of Today”. It uses various artefacts, objects, sketches, photographs and maps, restored and preserved archive documents and audiovisual records as unique pieces of evidence in order to teach the exhibition visitors of all ages about the discrepancies in our recorded history.

The first part of the exhibition takes us deep into the history of mankind. You will find out what happened to the skull of the Neanderthal of Gánovce, why the Hungarian were actually Slovak and what it had to do with their “hunger” for eel. You will learn why Cyril and Methodius actually came here, see the first Petroshekel found in Slovakia and admire the beauty of Slovak women as recorded by the sculptors of Palaeolithic Venuses. The visitors will be encouraged to vote for the prettiest one and one of them will become a lucky winner of a valuable price at the end of the exhibition.

The second part of the exhibition sheds a new light on the tragic deaths of three greatest Slovaks of recent history whose passings remain unsolved to this day. How and why did Štúr, Štefánik and Dubček die? We have just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the death of the “Greatest Slovak” Milan Rastislav Štefánik. On this occasion, we will disclose some new facts about this tragic event.

The last part of the exhibition focuses on current social events and their background which often remains hidden in the shadows as a result of the influence that mainstream media have on our society. A large-scale wall infographic will unveil unexpected connections between the major initiators of these events. Various artefacts, objects and models in showcases will clarify that not everything is as it seems to be presented.

Ivana Šáteková (*1984) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. In 2013, she became a finalist of the Essl Art Award and in 2014 she received the Tatra Banka Foundation Award for Arts. She is a member of a drawer trio called Dzive and also participates on the production of a children magazine titled Bublina [Bubble]. Her artwork focuses on Slovak history, folklore, customs, but also on current affairs such as the place of the youth in today’s world, freedom of speech in the traditional media and online or the position of women in society. It is not a coincidence she chose Nitra for her first solo exhibition as the town is one of the most important historical centres of our country and this special new project seems to be tailored for it.

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