Adrián Kobetič

12 December 2019, 5:30pm

Galéria mladých

13 December 2019 – 1 March 2020

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Ema Lančaričová — Noplace/Notime

Ema Lančaričová’s photography exhibition focuses on the medium of photography from the point of view of its technological and functional properties...

Ema Lančaričová’s photography exhibition titled Noplace/ Notime focuses on the medium of photography from the point of view of its technological and functional properties – permanence and factuality. She wants to find out whether she is able to capture a precise moment and place and whether her images are objective representations of what they capture. Her Utopia series concentrates on inconsistency in photography in general with her main theme being a prefabricated concrete column. Even though it is a ruin now, it refers to its various purposes from the past. The object is captured in different forms using several techniques, from the actual column being installed in space to digital photographies and polaroids. The artist uses her exhibition to explain her opinion on photography in general which she finds utopian. Just like utopia, an idealised non-existent place, photography depicts a non-existent state where time and place apparently stood still. However, even at the moment of taking the actual photograph, the scene changes and the moment is gone. This process is described in a smaller series of photographs, even though they were taken at the same place and approximately at the same time, they are apparently different. This is why we can describe them as unfulfilled, subjective views of noplaces and notimes. The images are presented in a technically and visually attractive form which helps to take the viewer even deeper into the fictional space and time. Ema Lančaričová’s work is also enriched with coincidences and flaws which even strengthen the instantness of the media. Besides the Utopia series, the exhibition will also present her Untitled series. It is a precursor to Utopia and expresses the artist’s initial thoughts on the same themes.

Ema Lančaričová (*1993) was born in Trnava and is currently finishing her postgraduate degree at the Department of Photography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her work mostly deals with photography theory, analog and experimental photography which often goes beyond its traditional borders. She has presented her work at three solo and about a dozen of group exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad, for example in Budapest, Lisbon, Lodz and Helsinki.

Adrián Kobetič

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