Silvie Milková

Thursday, 21 Feb 2019 6:30pm

22 Feb - 19 May 2019

Youth Gallery

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North Czech Wave

Students of the Photography Studio led by Lukáš Jasanský

It is not about inventing something new, but approaching everything with a new-found interest, free of conventions and obligations to fulfil what is expected.
North Czech Wave

What is expected of photography today? What do we value about photographies? Is there still something new to be invented in photography? Do we even want to look at photographies when everybody is a photographer?

The North Czech Wave exhibition was tailored for the premises of the Youth Gallery and its concept revitalises the common and strict notion of what “good” photography is supposed to look like and what “photography” itself means is today’s society. The exhibition is a self-contained photographic expression with no ambitions to blind us with sophisticated forms or original ideas. On the contrary, it is trying to highlight common aspects of the young artists’ works while presenting their views rather than photographies alone. The North Czech Wave is an approach that is shaped and adjusted organically by the places, circumstances and individuals that create it.

The Photography Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem was founded in 1994 by professor Pavel Baňka. Today it is led by Lukáš Jasanský and Silvie Milková. The studio offers full-time courses at both Bachelor and Master levels which cover free art forms as well as traditional creative techniques in both analogue and digital photography. The studio’s concept is based on a broader understanding of photography in the context of contemporary visual art. In their free creative forms, the students often go beyond the borders of traditional photography and look for new ways and inspirational sources in other forms of art and even different fields of study.

Text by: Silvie Milková

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