Soňa Hrivňáková, Elena Nittnausová, Marián Poliak, Miloslava Salanciová

Marta Hučková and Eva Kapsová

Exhibition Opening:
November 5, 2014 @ 5PM

Exhibition through:
December 7, 2014

Salon of the Nitra Gallery
Exhibition opening:

Exhibition views:

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Play – art. EMeMesk(omunikáci)@

(SK) V prejave výtvarníkov PLAY - art, ako to už napovedá samotný názov, nechýba hravosť a humorná nadsázka...

The names of participating artists (Elena Nittnausová, Marián Poliak, Miloslava Salanciová, Soňa Hrivňáková) are encoded in the Slovak acronym of the exhibition title EMeMesk(omunikáci)@. It is a direct reference to the problem of communication in the era of new technologies. The artists participating in the exhibition have been associated in the art group PLAY – art that has been active for twenty years. The group started as an outburst of enthusiasm when several artists who are also art teachers at specialised art schools for elementary and secondary students presented their works in various exhibition projects. Later their activities became more professionally organised and they organise exhibitions together with artists from The Slovak Art Association.

The expression of the art group PLAY – art, as the title suggests, is imbued with playfulness and humour. These expression means serve the artists to distance themselves from the problems of the world, art and their own problems, however their art is at the same time deadly serious. The works of Soňa Hrivňáková come out of physical and metaphysical explorations, and present also intimate experiences. Elena Nittnausová works exclusively as a painter and her works are mostly abstractions focused on specific elements, Marián Poliak’s works evoke the atmosphere of spacial communication, Miloslava Salanciová moves out of the borders painting sets up freely towards objects and installations. She experiments with painting as a process (when she gradually destructs the surface of a mirror and consequently transposes it into the painting.) The exhibition’s mission can be summarised in an idea presented in one of the paintings:

I worry that there will be a day when technologies overrun mutual human relationships. Then the world will be lived by a generation of idiots.

Eva Kapsová