Jozef Jankovič, Viktor Frešo, Katarína Galovič Gáspár, Roman Hrčka, Patrik Kovačovský, Martin Kubina, Bohuš Kubinský, Jozef Kurinec, Peter Machata, Martin Majzel, Eva Masaryková, Martina Matúšová Zimanová, Štefan Papčo, Karin Patúcová, Ivan Patúc, Robert Szittay

Beata jablonská

Thursday, February 16, 2017 @ 6.30PM

Nitra Gallery – Representative Halls
Duration: till April 1, 2017

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Selected works of the Sculpture and Space Studio at AFAD led by prof. Jozef Jankovič 1990 – 2011

The Nitra Gallery exhibition called Traps and Records will present important works by Jozef Jankovič that are put in a contrast with a selection of works created by fifteen sculptors – graduates of the Sculpture and Space Studio at AFAD that he led for over twenty years. After 1989, “Studio Jankovič” was one of the first ones that defined itself at the newly rehabilitated Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The Department of Sculpture consisted of three studios that were established by the then most important personalities of the Slovak sculpture scene. Besides Jozef Jankovič (1937), there was Juraj Bartusz (1933) and Juraj Meliš (1942-2016). The new sculpture studios respected and cherished the freedom of artistic expression not just in the actual educational process but also in perceiving ourselves as thinking and creative beings.

Professor Jankovič led his studio for over twenty years and nurtured over forty graduates. He always pursued freedom and diversity as well as creative discipline that served as a guiding principle of the sculpture profession. His graduates work in different industries, not just as sculptors, but they all, either consciously or subconsciously, follow the example set by their teacher as someone with a moral compass. Their work, although it cannot be generalised due to the large number of graduates, is a response to how the world works today and they process everything from everyday routine to history defining events. Whether they focus on figures or incline to a minimalistic expression, storytelling or material substance, most of them believe in the importance of their work and the meaningfulness of our existence. This “unsculpture” but humane message might represent the most important legacy of the educational personality of Jozef Jankovič.

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