Exhibiting Artists:
Students of the Department of Creative Arts and Art Education at the Faculty of Education at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

Martin Kratochvil, Jana Mináriková

In Cooperation with:
Ľubomír Zabadal

Thursday, 21 Feb 2019, 6pm

22 Feb – 24 Mar 2019

The Bunker

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Exhibition opening



Courage (O2H) + water (H2O) = O2H2O

Courage (O2H) + water (H2O) = O2H2O
[translator’s note: in Slovak, “O2H” can be pronounced the same as the equivalent word for courage]

In the beginning was water. Life was made of water, a foetus grows in water, the human body is 70% water and the Earth’s surface is 70% water as well. Water runs in cycles, it has its own memory and is able to clean itself. In the beginning of every step is the courage to take it. Every morning we need a fix of courage to make it through the upcoming day. Life is cour-age. Courage has its own sinusoids, history and the ability to restore itself. Water and courage have a lot in common. They both keep us alive.

As it often happens, water can destroy our courage. Yet even more frequently we have the courage to destroy water. Natural resources, such as water, are becoming a valuable commod-ity. The demands of our densely populated urban world keep growing and result in climate changes we have to face. People need courage to completely re-evaluate their positions to-wards water and natural resources, come up with new models of social and economic behav-iour that will be balanced and sustainable. The courage to re-evaluate our everyday routine enables us to explore new sources of artwork as well as social and ecological behaviour. Waste recycling is a solution that lets us change our attitude and behaviour when it comes to social and environmental matters. The incorporation of transformed waste into art shows the paths the students have taken and serves as a metaphor of how we could treat our natural resources in a more ecological way.

The students contemplate the themes of both social and individual issues, explore how they relate to each other and themselves. The exhibition takes individual interests of the students and turns them into a common goal to create an environment where we share our knowledge and experience.

O2H + H2O = O2H2O is an open concept that gives the students a chance to show their cour-age.

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