Exhibiting artist:
Tomáš Rafa

Curator of the exhibition:
Jana Pohanková

Exhibition opening:
7th of May 2015 at 6:00 pm

The exhibition runs until
the 31st of May 2015

Nitra Gallery Salon


Exhibition opening:

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New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe

a time-lapse project by Tomáš Rafa

New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe is a time-lapse project by Tomáš Rafa who has been recording the relationships between the majority population and ethnic minorities in Slovakia since 2009 with an intention to reveal manifestations of racial and social exclusion.

Through audiovisual media, the project aims to define the delicate lines between patriotism and nationalism and between racism and xenophobia in the Central European region on the background of protests, demonstrations and blockades as well as in everyday life.

The completed film material about a new wave of nationalism and about the coexistence of the majority population with the Roma community is available to the public free of charge in an online archive and has already been seen by over 3.5 million viewers around the globe. The resulting film has thus become an active instrument of communication with the public and it aims to trigger a dialogue and a broad discussion about these current controversial issues.

Exhibition views:

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