Louise Ritchie / Karol Felix

SSA (Society of Scottish Artists:):
Alastair Clark, David Faithfull, Paul Furneaux, Alan Kilpatrick, Norman McBeath, Nan Mulder, Leena Nammari, Gayle Nelson, Sharon Quigley, Louise Ritchie, Christopher Wood

Slovakia / Czech Republic:
Jozef Bajus, Igor Benca, Karol Felix, Svetozár Ilavský, Robert Jančovič, Boris Jirků, Jaroslav Koléšek, Marian Komáček, Gabriel Kosmály, Milan Lukáč, Marek Ormandík

July 10, 2014 @ 5PM

August 31, 2014

Nitra Gallery – Representative Halls
Exhibition opening:


New Bridges 11:11

The project is accomplished with the support of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA).


The aim of the project is to present representative works of authors from the Society of Scottish Artists and the works by Slovak and Czech artists to highlight mutual juxtapositions. The project is a follow-up of previous exhibitions that were presented in Slovakia – Bridges IX Scotland – Slovakia Piešťany 2011 and in Scotland – Royal Scottish Academy/ National Galleries of Scotland, SSA, 116th Annual Exhibition 2013 – Bridges Scotland/ Slovakia and Slovakian Master Printers, Edinburgh Printmakers. Its aim is also to provide a broader perspective of the authors participating in the exhibition. The selection of the authors should facilitate the platform to exchange artistic ideas among authors working with various artistic programmes in different artistic media and create possible analogies among them. The exhibition presents a larger spectrum of media, such as painting, sculpture/ object, graphic print, photography, installation…

The project should attract both the experts and the public audiences and present in a largest scale so far the works of remarkable artists of Scottish art scene. Several authors teach at Art Academies in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Scotland, and the U.S.A.. The exhibition project can therefore be also a catalyst of future cooperation between academic environments and initiate further artistic activities in the international context.

Exhibition views:

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