Mária Bujňáková, Nikoleta Čeligová, Matej Dubiš, Natália Hoosová, Petra Huraiová, Šimon Kern, Miro Král, Vlasta Kubušová, Štefan Nosko, Soňa Otiepková, Mária Pospíšilová, Terézia Rapčanová, Zuzana Šišovská, Dana Tomečková, Martin Žabka

Peter Olah, Lars Kemper

Michala Lipková

Andrej Olah, Peter Papp

Katarína Trnovská

Milan Lukáč

Opens on:
Dec 10, 2014 @ 6PM

Open till: Jan 25, 2015

Salón NG
Župné námestie 3
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Flowers for Slovakia

Poetics of Slovak folk art and craft is thus materialized in unique authorial “ready mades”...

Flowers for Slovakia is an exceptional project that supports exceptional students. Since 2009, its authors – Lars Kemper and Peter Olah have been fulfilling its long-term vision of the practical training of young designers in collaboration with specific manufacturers.

System “Tell a friend” can be likened to a donating of a precious asset that must be protected and nurtured. As an experienced master gives his apprentice’s own experience, as well as an established designer leads his younger colleagues to a better outcome. Without traditions and indigenous production techniques, however, unique objects could not arise, each of which tells an authentic story – about the country, customs and people – about Slovakia. Through non-traditional media – contemporary design – we are able to find out a lot about our own origin and we are able to understand better our own value. Therefore Flowers for Slovakia is sending this gift, and thus it has been spreading good news about a small European country throughout the world.

Evidence of this is the second collection Lost & Found, which was developed in cooperation with the Swiss furniture company Vitra.

The collection Lost & Found

Lost & Found is an original set of furniture and interior accessories. The basic creative process of the selected students this time was linking the traditional Slovak folk furniture types with unmistakable aesthetic of Vitra elements.

Benches, tables, storage cabinets, or even a cradle underwent a thorough renovation so that they could be not only i visually appealing, but above all functional. The perceptive observer will recognize, however, in non-traditional connections also working tools, originally designed for the processing of hemp and flax, winding of yarn, churning butter, kneading dough or butchering.

Poetics of Slovak folk art and craft is thus materialized in unique authorial “ready mades” carrying message of everyday object being used more than 100 years ago. Through a sensitive and intelligent intervention the selected new pieces acquired a new, current meaning and at the same time they did not stop telling a story. It is becoming more and more attractive even for a global-minded user who is hungry for added value in order to be able to establish a long term relationship with the given object and thus to establish the reason to retain him in his/her home as long as possible.

Lost & Found begins its journey right now – in 2013. Let us wish it a good luck and a safe return home!