Exhibiting artists:
Michal Babinčák (SK), Petra Čížková (CZ), Anna Daučíková (SK), Lucia Dovičáková (SK), Richard Fajnor (SK), Jakub Geltner (CZ), Martin Gerboc (SK), Anetta Mona Chişa (RO/SK), Patrik Illo (SK), Peter Jakubík (SK), Eva Jaroňová (CZ), Sylvia Jokelová (SK), Peter Kalmus (SK), Dorota Kenderová (SK), Peter Krištúfek (SK), Otis Laubert (SK), Matúš Lányi (SK), Anna Marešová (CZ), Maroš Rovňák (SK), Igor Ondruš (SK), Marek Schovánek (CZ), Adam Štech (CZ), Jan Švankmajer (CZ), Tibor Uhrín (SK), Matúš Zajac (SK), Jana Želibská (SK)

Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková and
Omar Mirza

Thursay, December 13, 2018 o 18.30 hod.

Trvanie výstavy:
December 14, 2018 – March 31, 2019

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The Fetishes of Today

A dominant female curator and a subjugated male curator created an exclusive exhibition in nine acts...

A dominant female curator and a subjugated male curator created an exclusive exhibition in nine acts that serves as a (self)ironical presentation of human weaknesses and deviations. The exhibition presents works by Slovak and Czech artists, designers, writers and filmmakers responding to various themes and variants of fetishes, fetishism and fetishisation of contemporary society.

As the visitors follow the exhibition through different rooms, they can explore, see, feel and enjoy various kinds of fetishes: cult and magical objects of the past and present; bodily, erotic and fashion fetishes; design as a fetish; voyeuristic fetish; fetishism of human needs; fetishes of collecting and religion or the fetish of smell.

As curious curators, we want to know – sometimes seriously, sometimes playfully or humorously – who are we, really? Are we who we seem we are? Are people on the outside the same as on the inside? How do we present, express and define ourselves? How do we build relationships with ourselves, our human needs and the world around us?

The curators use selected chapters of fetishes to search visually for harmless “deviations” in our behaviour that make us different from others, but, on the other hand, connect people on unexpected and subconscious levels. The exhibition offers our own interpretations of these phenomena the visitors may or may not identify with.

Over the course of the exhibition, we will publish a catalogue that will include not just curatorial texts and reproductions of the artworks, but also entries by Ladislav Čarný, Peter Krištúfek, Tomáš Sedláček, Dana Šedivá and Jan Švankmajer who looked at fetishes from various angles: theological, literary, economic, sexological and artistic.

One final advice: The Big Voyeur’s eye is all-seeing, so be careful – people are not who they seem…!

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The exhibition has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council. The Council is the leading partner of the project.

Supported by the Czech Centre.