Peter Cako, Peter Decheť, Kristína Doležalová, Barbora Hrubošová, Janka Kaňuchová, Michael Luzsicza, Eva Mária Moleková, Kvet Nguyen, Bálint Rózsás, Natália Šimonová, Róbert Urbančok

Adrián Kobetič

The Bunker

September 17 – October 25, 2020


Press release

Safe(ly) Hidden

How safe and hidden is the place where artists keep their sources of inspiration? And what is it that is safely hidden and which serves as the actual inspiration for the artist’s creative process?

The project and its ambiguous title, Safe, Hidden / Safely Hidden, tries to map the notion of a hiding place in standard art practice of the latest generation of artists. It presents different views of the artist’s “bunkers” while interacting with a not exactly traditional exhibition space, a civil protection bunker. The exhibiting artists are students of various Slovak art schools (the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, the Technical University of Košice) or rather their fresh graduates. The exhibition showcases their work across various media types (starting with painting, all the way to room installation) and themes that explore the subject of more or less ordinary bunkers. They link them to their childhood experiences which they turn back to, in their thought processes which they build upon in order to create theoretical bases for their works, through their current interests which are seemingly unrelated to their creative processes, while doubting themselves, their bodies and minds or through current social events which have a direct effect on their work. Some even go as far as ironising the notion of hidden inspirations which results in rather bizarre situations which actually challenges its importance in general.

Eleven artists will offer a sneak peak of their own inner worlds, but also from the position of an outside observer as this “inspiration bunker” is often hidden not inside the artist’s soul, but rather somewhere else where the person goes to fuel up their creative tanks. The exhibition offers these up-and-coming artists the opportunity to work with a (also up-and-coming) curator which opens them the contemporary art market’s doors. At the same time, it tries to follow the international trend of curatorial assistance when the curator is directly involved in the artist’s creative process. It helps to extend the theoretical understanding of the pieces which leads to a better and clearer interpretation of the selected exhibition themes.

TWith financial support of the Slovak Arts Council public funds. The Council is the leading partner of the project.

Exhibition views: