Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková

Thursday, 4 May, 2017
at 6PM

4 May, 2017 – 11 June, 2017

Nitra Gallery — Salon

Press release
Exhibition opening:


Adam Šakový — 1987

Šakový invites us to join his painting research...

Adam Šakový’s monographic exhibition titled -1987 is the artist’s first presentation at the NG’s premises. His work is based on medium analysis (painting). His manneristic use of light in paintings or his composition/still life in the vanitas style. These represent the eclecticism of today which is crucial for making compositions in the world of painting. The artist’s handwriting visually reflects upon paintings of old masters, put in the context of today’s paintings. The artist’s visual language is well versed in its technique, it has precise sense for detail while admitting its historicising context. Šakový is a contemporary artist whose work is based on “Barthes’ method”.

Using a noble gesture of relinquishing his authorship, Šakový invites us to join his painting research that consists of the analysis of dead animals, i.e. taxidermied animals and nature (the core of the exhibition is paintings of taxidermied animals). Šakový’s theme of educations mostly deals with delivering and evaluating information. The exhibition title symbolises the year when the artist was born while also serving as the title of the work depicted on the invitation where -1987 represents the year when the depicted bird went extinct.

Adam Šakový: He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where he majored in painting and other media at a studio led by Doc. K. Kosziba, ArtD. (2007-2013). He was a finalist at the Painting competition – VUB Charity Award for Young Artists (2015), ESSL Art Award (2013). Selected Exhibitions: Temporal Limbo, DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava (2016), Za, Východoslovenská galéria, Košice Edukácia, Galerie 209, Brno (CZ) (2016), Sutúrama, Schemnitz Gallery, Banská Štiavnica (2014), Tušenie, DOT Gallery, Bratislava Únor v Měsíci – Tříbení ascendentů, IndustraArt, Brno (CZ) (2016), Putovanie pamäťou fotogra e, Sala Dogana, Janov Past-Present-Past, Karlín Studios, Praha (CZ) (2014).

Exhibition views:


This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council. The Council is the leading partner of the project.