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PostmutArt Fest 05


The 5th year of the international festival of intermedia art in Nitra, entitled PostmutArt Fest (subtitled soundpicture/gesturetext), follows up on a homonymous series of events, as well as on the successful cycle, entitled Hermes’ Ear, that took place in Nitra in 1999 – 2007. Thanks to these events, different and progressive forms of musical/intermedia art and culture have been present in this city for over 15 years. During two autumn days, in a time marked by considerable instability, (un)known threats, and above all, by a loss of sensitivity to the various forms of differentness, this unconventional artistic festival wants to offer alternatives to our perception of our surroundings and our own selves within them.

On Thursday the 22nd of October 2015, the first evening, filled with music and sounds of intermedia overlaps, will take place. The evening will include: unconventional poet Michal Rehúš, a top duo of contemporary music – accordionist Peter Katina and violoncellist Andrej Gál, as well as Mario van Horrik & Peter Dubach – a pair of intermedia artists from the Netherlands presenting an unusual sound-motion etude. The highlight of the evening will be a solo concert of an outstanding figure of unconventional music: world-famous American Elliott Sharp (USA), composer, electric guitar player, saxophonist and live electro musician (known in Slovakia for participating in the Evenings of New Music / Večery novej hudby / in Bratislava and for his recent collaboration with VENI Academy in Košice).

On Friday the 23rd of October 2015, three events, all of which thematise silence, will take place in the same spaces:
1. Music, Sound and Silence Now! / Hudba, zvuk a ticho teraz! /, or a colloquium on “the other” contemporary music (accompanied by a presentation of VLNA Magazine and the Hevhetia Music Now CD compilation).
2. Exhibition of Silence with the subtitle 4´33´´ to the Power N, with actions and objects by Pole Marek Choloniewski and Moravian performer Marian Palla, the aforementioned E. Sharp, Slovak artists Julo Fujak and Miro Tóth, all of whom are inspired by John Cage’s legendary composition.
3. Into Great Silence – the final projection in darkness, filled with silence…
As the main organiser of the event, the Nitra Gallery wholeheartedly invites you to these two exceptional evenings of “soundpictures” and “gesturetexts” of unconventional art!


22nd October 2015 at 6:00 pm
The Concert Hall of the County Hall in Nitra

michal Rehúš (SK) – word declamation
experimental poetry experimentally…

peter KATINA & andrej GÁL (SK) – accordion and violoncello
a duo of top musicians with a daring repertoire of contemporary music…

mario van HORRIK & petra DUBACH (HOL) – sound objects and actions
a pair of inter media artists in a performance etude…

elliot SHARP (USA) – electric guitar, saxophone, electro
a solo concert of a world-class figure of unconventional music…

23rd October 2015 at 6:00 pm
23rd October 2015 at 6:00 pm
The Concert Hall of the County Hall in Nitra

Music, Sound and Silence Now!
a colloquium on “the other” contemporary music…

J. Fujak, Ľ. Pavelka, J. Juhás, M. Hrnčár

accompanied by a presentation of VLNA Magazine, No. 63

and the Hevhetia Music Now CD compilation (2015)

An Exhibition of Silence (or 4´33´´ to the Power N)
akcie a objekty inšpirované legendárnou skladbou Johna Cagea
M. Choloniewski, M. Palla, E. Sharp, J. Fujak, M. Tóth a i.

Into great silence

a projection in darkness, filled with silence…

Summer Apéritif of the PostmutArt Fest 05
A concert of a top impro/compro music trio
16th July 2015 at 6:00

The yard of the County House


PostmutART (sound-picture-gesture-text)

This project challenges the theme of testing the possibilities of contemporary unconventional intermedia art. It explores the concept of the continual, successful international cycle named Hermes’ Ear in Nitra (1999−2007), which focused on a periodical presentation of nonconformist contemporary experimental music in artistic transmedia overlaps.

PostmutART with the subtitle Sound-Picture-Gesture-Text is a platform for the work of progressive European and World artists in the sphere of some mutations, often bizarre, of contemporary art; the often (thought)provoking intermedia artistic works.

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