Bunker – Nitrianska galéria, Župné námestie 3, Nitra

She Did Not Tell Anyone except the Priest

The exhibition She Did Not Tell Anyone except the Priest is a story about a woman who emigrates from the Slovak Hrnčiarovce to America...

Opening: Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 5.30 pm

Authors: Adéla Babanová and Džian Baban

Curator: Pavlína Míčová

Venue: Bunker – Nitrianska galéria / Nitra Gallery

The exhibition will last until August 7, 2011

The exhibition She Did Not Tell Anyone except the Priest is a story about a woman who emigrates from the Slovak Hrnčiarovce to America. It is a story from the 1950s about a very young woman who marries the American Tringo. A story about a man who dies under unclear circumstances in their house. A story about Tringelka, who right after her husband’s death returns from America back to the country she fled from. Indeed a story? A story worth recording? A story worthy of an artistic representation?

The story told by the uncle from Hrnčiarovce, who is an authentic narrator, can be confusing. Maybe it is based on real events and on a real character. Yet it can also be just a fantasy, fiction, not a real history.

The author of the audiovisual project Adéla Babanová leaves the viewer in the dark. She does not know, just as we do not know, who Tringelka was. None of the living residents remembers her. The grave of Tringelka was not preserved. Therefore, we can only ask whose story is it then?

Essential for the audiovisual installation is the presumption of one man (the uncle – narrator) that Tringelka committed a crime in America, and the assumption of what would it be like if the uncle recorded what actually happened. As long as any character survives in our minds, then it is truly immortal. However, the “invitation” should be curious. “I imagine a character that is real, controversial and escapes the law. She lives in an unfree country from which she escaped, and to which she returns after the mentioned events in America. At first, she ran away from the regime, now she runs from the law,” says about her new project Adéla Babanová.

We only have a few scarce clues that can help us put together the story of Tringelka. However, after adding of those missing points an entirely new “film” unfolds in front of us. It is only up to us what will we believe.

The siblings Adéla Babanová and Džian Baban collaborate on projects since 2006. Džian does the screenwriting for the videos (often in tandem with Vojtech Maška, with whom he writes screenplays and comic books), and music, too. All three authors collaborated on the videos Trilogy about Arts (Half-Gods, I Voted for Myself to Be the Author of the Year, and Zurich), Interview with Sylvia Plath and others.

Babanova pozvanka Tringelka USA 1955