Bunker – Nitrianska galéria, Župné námestie 3, Nitra

At home

The author based her work on her theoretical thesis "Nobody is an artist at home"...

Author: Lucia Horňáková Černayová
Curator: Dušan Horňák
Venue: Bunker, Nitra Gallery, Župné námestie 3, 949 01 Nitra
The opening will take place on 11th of August 2011 at 5pm
The exhibition runs until: 9/11/2011

We are also inviting you to an open discussion with the author and her family which will take place after the opening. The discussion is a part of the project Evenings of Artistic Reflection.

Free admission.

The author based her work on her theoretical thesis “Nobody is an artist at home” where she examined herself as an artist in the eyes of her relatives. She examined the perceptions of her personality as an artist to a laic, where creating the illusion and its aura happens inevitably. The main theme of the show is the change of roles: a woman-mother-wife-artist. She wants to give the viewers an insight into the intimate, a portrait of a young family, via her signature in the gallery spaces. She will arrange/simulate a dwelling in the space of the gallery and she is going to use objects such as furniture, that are found in the gallery. By using the inventory in the gallery she wants to bring her own family closer to understanding of her work. She is going to create a family home in the cold space of the gallery, making the space cosier and nicer to live in. She also wants the create an unfamiliar yet intimate stage environment of an “artistic” family. She will welcome the visitors – guests of the ‘exhibition’ at home.

The idea is to solve a problem of the young family that has just expanded by a new member to find suitable housing and to try it in the gallery. The second plan is also to present a young family and an artist, to bring the kind of demonic environment and mystery closer to the viewer. It brings together the worlds of galleries, artists, her family and the viewer. The show transmits the work to the level where all the parties concerned stand as an art piece. It is when the artist becomes the King Midas. An ordinary life that fits into the scheme of the work. The role of the curator will be accomodated by the author’s husband, who is going to welcome the guests together with their daughter. During the performance she involves people who do not work in the field but are the closest to her by which she reinforces her family dimension.

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