The exhibition opening will be held on 9 November at 6pm. The Exhibition of the Finalists of the OČA 2017 will be open at the Nitra Gallery between 10 November and 3 December.

Oskár Čepan Award is designed for visual artists living or being active in Slovakia, up to 40 years old. The award is granted to artists working with any media, with respect to current tendencies in contemporary art. The laureate, who will be announced at the end of November 2017, will receive 2 600 EUR and will be sent to Residency Unlimited in New York for two months-long residency networking programme.

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Oskár Čepan Award 2017

The Exhibition of the Finalists of the Oskár Čepan Award will be hosted by the Nitra Gallery between 10 November and 3 December.

The finalists consisting of APART collective, Katarína Hrušková, Nik Timková and Zuzana Žabková will present their new site-specific works tailored for the premises of the Nitra Gallery’s Salon and the Youth Gallery. The finalists had six months to work on a concept and a spacial composition of their presentations. “We have slected artists that try and connect traditionally compartmentalised fields, whether it means the whole disciplines or various parts of these disciplines, like an artist and a curator, or the general categorisation of a solo artist and a collective according to the European tradition,” said Michal Novotný (CZ) – a member of the international jury that consists of Kiki Petratou (GR/NL), Dorota Kenderová (SK), Lily Hall (UK) and Barnabás Bencsik (HU). The jury appreciated the interdisciplinarity of the finalists’ works that involved various media and presentation forms.

APART, as its members say, was born out of a feeling of alienation („from oneself“) in an atmosphere of malfunction (of the running of art enterprise, local and international) and the urge to do something about it. Art is a tool or a base for exploration and change (Boris Ondreička).

Whilst Katarína Hrušková expresses an urge to puncture the atmosphere conjured by domestic space, she also demonstrates a desire to be intimate with her environment. This drive for intimacy manifests in her attempts to converse with the materials that form her immediate
surroundings, to acknowledge their potential agency (Phillip Serfaty).
Nik Timková’s works reveal the personal, raw desires and frustrations within her, as well as poke fun at the capitalistic constructs that surround us and tell us what we want to desire or who we want to be. With a kind of sad humor, Timková lifts the veil, exposing things as they are (Christina Gigliotti).

Zuzana Žabková’s work is defined by the marriage of the forms of expressions of contemporary dance, video art, installation, written word and performance. Compared to many contemporary artists, her work is not a mere experimental overlap away from fine art but, rather, it exists in the space between the means of expression of the broadly defined contemporary art production (Viktor Čech).

These characteristic approaches of all the finalists will come together at the exhibition in Nitra. The public opening of the Exhibition of the Finalists of OČA 2017 is scheduled for 9 November, 6pm.

Between 17-19 November, the OČA hosts and finalists will hold an event titled the Čepan Weekend that will allow the exhibition visitors to meet the finalists in person, take guided tours with artists, to join the afterparty and more.

The OČA 2017 ceremony will be held at the Karol Spišák Old Theatre in Nitra on Saturday, 18 November at 7pm. The ceremony is opened to both, the professionals and general public.

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Oskár Čepan Award is organised by The Foundation – Centre for contemporary art and financially supported from public sources by Slovak Arts Council.