Galéria mladých – Nitrianska galéria, Župné námestie 3, Nitra


The project originated as a reaction to the phenomenon of pop boybands whose main criteria...

Authors: Peter Cvik, Andrej Dubravsky, Matej Fabian, Alex Zelina
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 at 17:00
Curator: Alexandra Niczová
Venue: The Youth’s Gallery, Nitra Gallery, Zupne nam. 3, 949 01 Nitra
The exhibition runs until: 10/16/2011

Shortly after the oppening, there is going to be a discussion with the authors, as part of the project Evenings of visual art reflections.

The project originated as a reaction to the phenomenon of pop boybands whose main criteria and marketing aim are good looking young boys playing on young girl’s emotions with their sweet, tough, or simply just good looking appearance. BOYBAND was therefore created with a clear objective, to try to “artificially” create and present “csudai” group of young, beautiful, ambitious, promising and playful boys painting with different artistic expressions. The project is thus, to some extent, a fiction of how it could have looked like if it was a group offering the best of the ‘Fourth studio “at the Department of Painting and Other Media under the guidance of prof. akad. mal. Ivan Csudai of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. … Because if it is possible in the music, why should it not do well in art?

Popular culture or pop culture is defined as a purpose – built matter, which does not arise in itself such as work of art. It relates to everyday life and it depends on the viewer, it can not exist without the viewer, just as BOYBAND cannot exist without it.

Boyband is a group of four young, talented painters who came to the Nitra’s Youth’s Gallery to present themselves and their creations. Each one is different, so that together they can reach the largest possible number of viewers. Each of them presents themselves to the public in a different way. Each of them is percieved in the eyes of the professional public perception differently, one is damned, the other is adored, the third is ismply accepted… Each of them has their solo achievents behind them (in the form of solo or group exhibitions, and not only that), at home and abroad and their own eartistic xpression in painting. What unites them is the desire to succeed, to find a permanent place in not only the the domestic art scene, to receive friendly criticism of their work. But what also unites them is that they are recycling, interpreting the traditional stories of human behaviour. Let me introduce you to this quartet of young, successful young men:

Peter Cvik (1985) is the sixth year student. He is predominantly dedicated to painting. His work is based primarily on urban peripheries and their fragments. Digital Patterns, which are an essential elements of his work, are in the gradual process of ingressing an image which is more and more smashed to create varied compositions. With the addition of further plans and the addition or multiplication of elements the author transforms reality, and beautifies the environment of the original, often concrete models. The cold industrial environment becomes in the author’s conception its own and at first glance an abstract world from which an attentive viewer is able to read the original, real impulse.

Andrej Dubravsky (1987), the fifth-year student who is in addition to painting also devoted to the objects and installations and the latest to a collage. His “bunny” expressive paintings testify what he actualy lives. His figurative paintings are an authentic and spontaneous testimony of his everyday life. Dubravsky’s theme are the images of homosexual relationships between young men (bunnies) and the paunchy older masters sitting in the car, in luxurious interiors, and the latest, in the countryside. Dubravsky’s provoking themes reflect the today’s, for some perverted world without prejudice.

Matej Fabian (1979) the recent graduate of the VSVU. The focus of Matej Fabian’s work is painting, but not avoiding other creation or objects or installations. For Fabian, the most important part during creating is the process of painting. His style is distinctive, characterized by a dramatic gesture of painting. Fabian by his expressive painting, using texture, dark color and repulsion portrays demons and evil processions. With the help of Fabian’s own demonic heroes, he reflect actual events.

Alex Zelina (1988), the fourth year student. His work focuses on figural painting, in particular children faces and figures. Through their clean, innocent and more and more vague and abstract personalities he reflects the detachment and irony of his own inner feelings and experiences. Zelina’s work is influenced with photography, however portraits of children or characters are transformed into the painting and moved to a new level. His paintings of seemingly innocent images of children, appear to the viewer as mystical, mysterious and in some cases as frightening.

One of the main characteristics of pop culture is to bring pleasure, perhaps this exhibition will also please you and not only to the eye.

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