6:00 pm
Ceremonial speech given by
Renáta Niczová,
the Nitra Gallery Director

6:30 pm
Gala concert
Cappella Istropolitana
(artistic leader Róbert Mareček)
Ernest Bloch / Concerto Grosso No.1

7:00 pm
Exhibition opening:
"50 Years Young"
"Bunker Specific"
(Martin Kochan / Jaroslav Kyša
Mira Podmanická / Nina Šošková)

Barbora Geržová / Omar Mirza
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50 Years Young! / Bunker Specific

The Nitra Gallery celebrates 50 years since its foundation...


This year, the Nitra Gallery celebrates 50 years since its foundation. On the 14th of October 2015, a gala evening in the Region House Concert Hall in Nitra will launch a series of events with a rich program, by which the Gallery will commemorate its jubilee.

As part of the gala evening, there will be a concert introducing Cappella Istropolitana, the chamber orchestra of the Capital City of Bratislava, which ranks among prominent European chamber ensembles thanks to the instrumental virtuosity of its members, its musical culture, interpretational discipline and an exceptionally high level of accuracy regarding the style of artistic expression. For our visitors, the orchestra will play Concerto Grosso No. 1 by Ernest Bloch.

The next point in the gala program is the vernissage of the jubilee exhibition, titled 50 Years Young!. The exhibition, prepared by curators Barbora Geržová and Omar Mirza, offers a new view of the Nitra Gallery collection. The works of various Slovak artists from the second half of the 20th century up to the present day have been twinned with works from the 18th and 19th centuries and mainly from the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition is dramaturgically divided into several thematic areas, based on media, artistic genres and topics, as well as on visual and contentual similarities and analogies of the pieces of art from the past and present. The exhibition will take place in all the exhibition spaces of the Gallery. The Bunker – our unconventional underground exhibition space – will house a parallel exhibition entitled Bunker Specific, where some artists from the young generation (Martin Kochan, Jaroslav Kyša, Mira Podmanická and Nina Šošková) have been invited to explore the potential of the space and create works specifically for the occasion of our anniversary.

The jubilee exhibition will run until the 24th of January 2016. During this period, our young visitors will have the opportunity to enhance their interpretive and artistic skills during creative artistic workshops and other activities. As part of the educational program, there will be a day-long artistic event with a focus on the medium of drawing.

In addition, a special competition for all ages will run parallel to the exhibition, leading the viewers through the exhibits in a fun way and testing their awareness and knowledge in the field of fine arts.

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