Salón Nitrianskej galérie, Župné námestie 3, Nitra

How to preserve the transience

This generous exhibition of hidden treasures from the collections of the Theatre Institute...

Theatre Institute in Bratislava 50th anniversary exhibition

Nitrianska galéria, 22.9. – 30.10.2011

This generous exhibition of hidden treasures from the collections of the Theatre Institute, covering a span of 50 years, presents the Institute’s activities as well as a set of precious two- and three-dimensional exhibits. The section focusing on scenography features precious original costumes, theatre posters, stage designs, and scale models by outstanding Slovak artists.

The exhibition is part of a series of events organised by the Theatre Institute on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and presented throughout 2011 under an umbrella title We Can Accommodate Any Theatre. Vladislava Fekete, the Institute’s director, explains: “Our slogan, We Can Accommodate Any Theatre, isn’t empty talk. It’s the reflection of our long-term efforts to map the development of Slovak theatre on a comprehensive and accurate basis and to capture its ethereal moments, though it is clear from the beginning that these are transient, lasting only during the time of staging. Thanks to the Theatre Institute and its systematic documentary work we ensure the longevity of theatre and preserve its continuity.”

The exhibition was launched at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava on 8 June 2011. Nitra is the first stop of this exceptional touring exhibition outside the capital, and can be viewed at the Nitrianska galéria between 21 September and 30 October 2011.

During the Divadelná Nitra, Slovak and English guided tours of the exhibition will be available to the participants of the How to Understand Theatre project.